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My First Motability Car: A guide to Motability from TBC Conversions

September 9, 2021 TBC Mobility

“You Can’t Put a Price Tag on Freedom.”

But of course, mobility is freedom and for those who struggle with mobility, there is always a price tag attached. Whether it’s a walking aid, home help tech or an adapted car, the prices can soon mount up. For those starting out on the scheme looking for their first Motability Car, TBC Conversions and The Motability Scheme can get you out on the road for less and here’s how.

What is The Motability Scheme?

A charity set up in 1978, The Motability Scheme is a UK based organisation that enables disabled people, their families, and carers to lease mobility aids using their higher rate disability allowance. Working together with dealers like TBC Conversions, The Motability Scheme make it their mission to give every eligible person easy access to travel, giving every person the freedom so many take for granted.

Questions to Answer before Searching for Your First Motability Car

Getting started on the search for your first Motability car be a bit daunting but hopefully, with a little help from TBC Conversions, you’ll be on the road in no time.

 “Are you eligible?”

Easy to answer if you are a recipient of these four different types of allowance:

  1. Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance
  2. Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment
  3. War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement
  4. Armed Forces Independence Payment

Once you’ve confirmed this you are on the way to choosing your first Motability Car.

 “What if I don’t drive?”

Motability cars can be provided for a variety of reasons. Whether you have sustained life-changing injuries and are looking for Motability to support the purchase of a wheelchair adapted vehicle if you are a family with disabled children or are the carer for a disabled adult, The Motability Scheme act on behalf of the disabled individual, giving them the best possible means to travel with freedom.

Your first Motability Car can be driven by up to three other people, meaning even if you don’t have your licence, you can still qualify on the scheme.

“Do I need a wheelchair accessible vehicle?”

It’s true that not all wheelchair users will require a WAV, but over 28000 Motability Scheme grantees find that WAV’s offer them a higher level of independence than an adapted car.

A wheelchair accessible vehicle will give a wheelchair user the option to enter and travel in a vehicle from the comfort and safety of their wheelchair. This is ideal for wheelchair passengers whose family or carers drive for them, and wheelchair drivers who wish to enter their vehicle and drive without having to exit their chairs.

At TBC Conversions our range of vehicles are built and converted to suit a variety of different needs. We offer our clients options for:

  • Safe and reliable passenger travel
  • Upfront passenger travel
  • Drive from wheelchair options
  • Internal transfer for drivers and passengers


TBC Vehicle 5-1
TBC Vehicle 5-8
TBC Vehicle 3-1

Once you have answered these three big questions, you’ll be in a great position to begin the search for your first Motability Car.

Motability Car Search: What’s Available?

The range of vehicles available on The Motability Scheme is as versatile as the customers they are intended for. At TBC Conversions, we recognise that every customer is completely different, with their own set of needs and requirements, and that’s why we have and always will build our entire ethos around our customers.

Each wheelchair accessible vehicle we provide has been built to suit our clients’ specific requirements. You can search for your first Motability car on Motability’s own vast search engine or using their product selection tool which with a few simple questions will assess what kind of Motability Car is right for you.

first motability car3
first motability car4
first motability car

If you’d prefer the human touch, the team at TBC Conversions can come to you. Our free UK wide home demonstrations can be booked at a time that is convenient for you. Once booked you have a member of the TBC Conversions sales team at your disposal, armed with expert knowledge of the Motability Scheme and its processes, plus an impressive knowledge of the benefits that come from leasing a WAV.

Choosing your first Motability Car from TBC Conversions

After you’ve had time to look over all the options available to you, and you’ve met the TBC Conversions salesperson, you may still have questions. Not to worry as our team are on hand to help with any queries or concerns you may have, as well as help you navigate the next steps of ordering your first Motability car.

You can choose to build your own vehicle from scratch adding in any optional extras you feel will help improve your driving or travel experiences. We will make every effort to guarantee your first Motability Car is everything you could wish for, and what’s more, our skilled sales team are happy to provide advice on adaptions and conversions that will enhance your WAVs usability and comfort.

What you’ll need to place your order

As you navigate your way through the process of buying your first Motability Car with TBC Conversions, our team members will help you gather all the relevant documentation required to proceed with your final order.

To help we’ve compiled a quick list of the things you’ll want to keep handy for the happy moment you place the application for your order.

  • Certificate of entitlement – the letter detailing your allowance and how long you are entitled to this allowance from DWP or Veterans UK
  • Proof of address – which can be a utility bill or bank statement
  • Driving licenses for anyone who will be driving your vehicle – up to 3 others who must be named at the application
  • Details previous accidents or driving convictions for any and all drivers
  • Completed statement of responsibilities form – which will make sure your chosen WAV will be suited to you for the duration of your lease
  • Register for a Motability Scheme online account – it’s just a handy thing to have

Once all this has reached the Motability Scheme grants department and has been checked over and finalized, you’ll receive an acceptance letter in the mail confirming your first Motability Car details and providing you with your Motability Scheme PIN number.

Our TBC Conversions sales team members have been dealing with customers and the Motability Scheme for years and are more than well versed in the requirements listed above. If there are any questions or difficulties, please contact the team to ask for help, they can answer all questions on behalf of the Motability Scheme and, if they can’t, they have instant access to advisors who can.

How TBC Conversions deliver your first Motability Car

After we have completed the wheelchair accessible conversions and adaptions on your choice of Motability Car, we have a safety test to run and of course, we’ll need to get your vehicle registered. Following this, our team will arrange a date and time that suits you to deliver the vehicle to your designated address.

Here we’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate to you the conversion qualities and functions, answer any of your questions and generally familiarize you with your new WAV.

In the instances where your vehicle is delivered by an approved second stage adapter, you’ll be contacted by a member of our aftercare team to book a familiarisation check which will do the same job as a vehicle delivery handover.

And now you, your family and/or carers are ready to travel with ease and freedom in your first Motability Car. We hope you have found our guide useful, but as we have already mentioned, we know every customer is different, so if there’s something we hadn’t covered please get in touch with the team and we’ll be happy to help. Otherwise, we hope you are ready to get on the road to ordering your first Motability Car with TBC Conversions.

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