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Meet the Team at TBC Conversions: Les Henderson | Vehicle Conversion Technician

February 22, 2021 TBC Conversions Company NewsTBC Mobility

At TBC Conversions we’re well known for our face-to-face approach to customer care. From the initial consultation to the handover of the finished vehicle conversion, we take care to adapt our procedures to suit each client’s needs as an individual. 

Throughout this entire process, there are a few unsung heroes working in the background, carrying out the specialist engineering that makes our vehicles what they are. These are people like Les Henderson who we’ll be learning a little more about today.

So, Les how did you get involved in vehicle conversion and working with TBC?

Over the years I’ve worked within the vehicle conversion industry, and I had built up a great working relationship with TBC’s UK Sales Manager, Ray Walsh. As we got along so well already and, as he was aware of my skills and experience in specialist vehicle conversion, Ray presented me with an opportunity to join his team at TBC and I took it. 

What do you think is most important for clients of TBC Conversions to be aware of?

Every customer, or potential customer of TBC Conversions, should feel confident knowing that we apply quality workmanship into every vehicle conversion we complete. This is a workmanship that I can personally guarantee and feel fully responsible for and proud of.

Is there anything you are most proud of since starting at TBC Conversions?

I am incredibly proud to be a part of a company that makes such a difference to so many people. Something else that makes me proud in my work is to see how much the company has changed since I started working here. 

vehicle conversions wheelchair accessible vehicle lift

Being part of the early team and watching the company grow just showcases the effect our vehicle conversions are having in the industry. 

How do you see the company progressing over the course of 2021?

I am very much looking forward to seeing the workforce expand. With new team members joining us I can only see the business growing and progressing.

What do you think has changed since COVID restrictions came into play and how are you helping the company adapt to these changes?

For us, the team members in the vehicle conversion workshop, most things have changed. Not in the least having total awareness of your colleagues which, before COVID, we didn’t even consider. 

As a company, I think the sales and aftersales teams have adapted well, still functioning within the ever-changing guidelines to provide the full TBC customer experience. 

What is it that makes you get up in the morning?

My wife of course! Seriously though, it’s the challenges. 

Meeting, facing and overcoming obstacles in the work I do. There’s no two days the same, each vehicle conversion I am tasked with has it’s own unique challenges and it keeps me interested by engaging my brain.

Can you tell us your favourite thing about the work you
Wheelchair accessible vehicles Mercedes Sprinter

Working with and bespoke vehicle conversions, the satisfaction comes from knowing that I’ve done a good job. The fact that every vehicle I work on will be going on to enrich or change a person quality of life makes my efforts all the more important.

And this is all the more reason to get the job right every time. 

How do you think TBC Conversions stands out among other vehicle conversion companies?

It’s not just the high standard of personalised care that TBC demonstrates to their customers ever-changing and unique needs but also their staff. I have felt like a valued member of the team since I started.

Finally, what would your dream car be and why?

I’m not really into ‘special’ cars, it’s just not my thing. I’m quite happy with my car of the moment as it gets me from A to B.


It’s thanks to Les and the other talented individuals in our workshop in Bromborough and in our NI branches, that TBC Conversions really do stand apart from other vehicle conversion companies.

From bespoke wheelchair adaptions, camper van transformations, business transportation and other unique vehicle conversion requests you may not even think of, TBC Conversions apply their very best to everything they do. And thanks to a happy staff member like Les, we think it shows. 

Check out our news page for past conversions and customer experiences, or see what we can do to help you with your vehicle conversion queries by calling 0800 999 5090 today.

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