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Motability Car Costs: What is and isn’t covered by the scheme.

December 15, 2021 TBC Conversions Company NewsTBC Mobility

When it comes to Motability car costs, there is no grey area. There is no other scheme in the world quite like the Motability Scheme which enables people with additional mobility needs to lease adapted cars, wheelchair accessible vehicles and other mobility transport aides using their weekly mobility allowance.

Throughout the duration of your lease, and after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, most Motability car costs are covered by the scheme and here we’ve outlined what the Motability Scheme will and won’t cover.


No matter what vehicle you choose on the Motability Scheme, the costs of servicing that vehicle will be covered throughout the duration of your lease. The team at TBC Conversions will always remind you when your vehicle is due a service and will get in touch to inform you of this via your preferred means of contact in good time.

Motability cars costs servicing

All you need to do is locate a dealership or service centre that is Motability accredited in your area, book your vehicle in and the scheme will take care of the rest. As your Motability managing dealer. TBC Conversion aftercare team are here to assist with your servicing needs should you struggle to find an accredited dealer or if you have any other questions regarding the servicing of your vehicle please call and we’ll be happy to help.

Tip: You are responsible for keeping your Motability vehicle topped up with oil between servicing.


On the third year of your vehicle lease, your Motability car will be due for its first MOT. The costs of the MOT are covered by the Motability Scheme and the aftercare team at TBC Conversions will inform you in good time when this is due.

In the result of an MOT failure, repairs will fall under the covered Motability car costs, providing they are considered as ‘fair wear and tear’.

WAV Related Faults and Repairs

Damage caused by wheelchairs, scooters, and crutches from entering and exiting your vehicle would fall under ‘fair wear and tear’. Any costs associated with repairs, safety checks and maintenance to your wheelchair ramp or lift access will be covered by your WAV supplier.

Motability car costs ramp conversion repairs

Should you have any issues or concerns relating to the conversion of your vehicle, including restraints, remote systems, seating or driving adaptions, you should contact the TBC Conversions aftercare team who will arrange a home visit for repairs required.

Wear and Tear

Of course, whilst driving your vehicle, ‘wear and tear’ can occur. Things such as brake pads and discs, wiper blades, suspension components and exhaust coverings could need replacing or repairing during your lease. All these items will fall under the bracket of covered Motability car costs.

Cosmetic Damage

Some cosmetic damage is to be expected during the duration of your lease. Things like stone chips to paintwork, minor scuffs and scrapes, minor alloy damage, scratches and scuffs to the interior will not be required for repair. There are, however, some cosmetic damages that will need repairing before handing back your Motability vehicle at the end of its lease.

Motability car costs cosmetic damage

These repairs would either need to be carried out at a cost to the leaseholder or the leaseholder would be charged for them upon return of their vehicle:

  • Deep dents
  • Heavy scratches
  • Severe cracks in the bodywork or mirror housing
  • Damage to interiors such as burns and tears
  • Gouges to alloys and trims
Tip: If your Motability car has sustained damage and you are unsure if it falls under the covered Motability car costs, you can always call RSAM on 0300 0373737 and the team can advise on the steps to take.

Windscreen Chips and Cracks

Repairs to small chips on your windscreens, or if your windscreen needs replacing due to a larger chip or crack are covered by Motability. Any additional repairs required as a result of windscreen replacement will also be covered by the Motability Scheme.

You can arrange to have screen repairs carried out at your nearest Motability accredited dealer or call 0300 037 9944 to arrange a visit to your home address.

Tip: If your windscreen needs replacing, there is a £50 excess charge to be covered by the leaseholder.


If you get a puncture, the tyres on your vehicle are vandalised, or they simply need replacing due to expected tread wear, the Motability scheme will take care of replacing or repairing your tyres. The legal requirement for your tyre tread depth is 1.6mm, but Motability car costs are covered to have tyres replaced at 2mm tread depth.

Motability car costs tyres

Thanks to the close partnership between Motability and Kwik Fit, customers can simply access their nearest Kwik Fit centre, or call Kwik Fit to organise tyre replacement through other approved repairers.

Your vehicle will also be supplied with a spare wheel, tyre or inflation kit, once used you must inform your dealer or accredited repairer so that a replacement can be issued.

Breakdown and Roadside Assistance

At TBC Conversions, all the vehicles we supply are built to be reliable, safe, and durable, to perform to the best of their abilities for our customers. Sometimes however breakdowns can occur. If this does happen during your lease, recovery and roadside assistance is fully covered within Motability car costs.

Simply contact RAC in the event of a breakdown and RAC will attend your vehicle in good time. Breakdowns, recovery, and repairs associated will be covered by the manufacturer warranty, converter guarantee or the Motability Scheme.

Tip: breakdowns and recovery does not apply outside of the UK, it is strongly advised that if you are travelling abroad in your Motability car, you arrange suitable cover for the journey.

Motability Car Costs Not Covered by the Scheme

As we said in the opening, there’s not much that Motability won’t cover when it comes to the care and maintenance of your vehicle. When entering your Motability lease, insurance protection is provided through RSA Motability. The few things that do fall outside of the covered Motability car costs include:

  • Insurance excess’
  • Loss of keys
  • Personal belongings
  • Modifications above and beyond mobility conversions
  • Excessive damage to the interior
  • Costs incurred by someone driving your car who is not named on your policy

For more detailed information on covered Motability car costs and insurance cover provided by RSA, please refer to your policy documentation.

Motability and TBC Conversions

It is thanks to the Motability Scheme that people with mobility needs living in the UK have the same access and ability to travel as anyone else. At TBC Conversions, we work closely with the Motability Scheme, accredited dealers, and adapters to provide the very best access to safe and reliable stress-free road travel.

Motability car costs stress free travel

TBC Conversions aftercare is provided to give our customers peace of mind. Our team of skilled technicians are out on the road, 5 days a week visiting customers all over the UK to carry out regularly scheduled WAV safety checks, weight tests and other repairs to WAV conversions. This means during your Motability lease, all repairs to your WAV conversion will be taken care of by the TBC Conversions team.

We know that the WAVs we convert and supply will serve our customers’ needs throughout the duration of their Motability lease. Should your needs change during the lease of your WAV, you have the option to make any necessary changes, even if this means you require an entirely different conversion or an alternative vehicle.

Both the team at TBC Conversions and the Motability Scheme are always available to talk with on the phone or online, to help answer any questions or concerns you have about the care and maintenance of your vehicle.

For assistance, please call 0800 999 5090 or email and we’ll always be happy to help.


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