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Over the past few months, we’ve been introducing a few of our team members who have worked with TBC Conversions for years. Today we are pleased to learn more about a new addition to our Motability Car Scheme Aftercare team; meet Anita Sheard.

Let’s find out why Anita came to TBC Conversions and what she loves so far about her time here.

What attracted you to apply for a role in the Motability Car Scheme Aftercare team?

I had known Ray Walsh, UK Sales Manager, for years as I already worked in the motor industry, one day we ended up discussing his work and how much he enjoyed working with the company. The main thing that I suppose attracted me to the role was all the great work TBC Conversions were doing for customers and clients who relied on the Motability Scheme.

What do you think is the key message here at TBC Conversions?

Definitely the importance of customer care. Our customers are at the core of everything we do and, dealing with the Motability Car Scheme on our customer behalf, we work to help make their day-to-day life as easy and problem-free as possible.

What is the one thing, so far, that you are most proud of since starting with TBC Conversions?

I was promoted in just 4 months, something which I believe really shows the companies faith in me and my abilities, but also shows just how much I enjoy doing the work I am.

How do you see the company progressing over the course of 2021?

Honestly, I think if the last few months are any indication, TBC Conversions will be building a greater presence all over the UK in the mobility and vehicle conversions market. I believe we can expect more production to move over from Northern Ireland to our Bromborough based workshops and also we can expect to see a better, more relaxed and safer way of dealing with our customers at scheduled safety checks, handovers and specialised events.

What's on Mobility Events 2021

Tell us what gets you up in the morning?

The team I work with are so welcoming and friendly and honestly, I really look forward to coming into the office each and every day. Helping the people who make use of the Motability Car Scheme really is rewarding. Our customers have been among the worse affected people from the effects of the pandemic, and I think it’s important to make our interactions and the visits from our technicians a totally positive experience.

Can you tell us your favourite thing about the work you do for TBC Conversions?

Being a real people person, my favourite thing about my job is talking with our customers. Our customer base is so diverse that one call I can be speaking with an elderly lady who cares for her husband, another day I can be speaking with a disabled military veteran or a mother with a disabled child. It’s because no two customers are alike, and everyone has a story to share, that I enjoy every phone call and interaction. What we do is so important to our customers and assisting such a great service like the Motability Car Scheme, really is the most enjoyable part of my job here.

TBC Conversions really do stand out among other wheelchair accessible vehicle converters, why do you think that is?

We truly care about our work. The Motability Car Scheme helps those with disabilities access vehicles to help retain independence and easy travel, and at TBC Mobility Conversions we build further upon the strength of that service.

Our customer-centric focus helps to ensure we provide our clients with a WAV that caters to their individual needs, no matter what we never sell a car that isn’t going to be absolutely stress free to use and maintain. Furthermore, it’s important to us to keep wheelchairs users as comfortable and safe as possible in our conversions, as well as provide vehicles that are stylish and practical for everyday use.

We like to build long-lasting trusting relationships with our customers, using the same level of intelligence, empathy and care we apply when building every wheelchair accessible vehicle, we supply.

Lastly, and for a bit of fun, what would your dream car be and why?

A Dodge Charger without a doubt, because it’s fast and furious just like me.

TBC Mobility Conversions team dream cars


After many years of working closely with the Motability Car Scheme, TBC Conversions are proud to have developed a wide range of wheelchair accessible cars built to keep our customers on the road. Whether you are a disabled driver looking for a drive from WAV, a family with a wheelchair user or a carer trying to get your clients from A to B, our team of conversion specialists and aftercare staff dedicate their time to making sure all our clients can travel with ease and in style.

People like Anita Sheard really make a difference to so many by being a friendly and approachable voice on the other end of the phone with a wealth of available knowledge and expertise. What’s more, we’re expanding our team at TBC Conversions, and have vacancies working with Anita and the team liaising with the Motability Car Scheme, our customers and technicians. Do you enjoy helping people and delivering a high standard of care that mirrors that of the Motability Car Scheme and TBC Conversions? Apply here if so for our Service Advisor vacancy.



For many, the Motability Scheme is a valuable life-changing service and at TBC Conversions we are glad to work closely with the scheme, helping make a difference in peoples lives. Our wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions are purpose-built to help keep people mobile and, on the road, and it is working in tandem with the Motability Scheme that allows us to do this efficiently.

Over the past year, there were some changes made to the way Motability and TBC Conversions work together to ensure our clients get the best from us and here we are going to detail exactly what those changes mean to you.

Who You Gonna Call?

The main changes start with Motability Operations giving wheelchair accessible converters and dealers like TBC Conversions more responsibility regarding the aftercare of our clients and customers and the wheelchair accessible vehicles we have supplied.

This means that we at TBC Conversions, are able to govern our own aftersales processes and procedures allowing us to improve your overall customer experience and give you a familiar point of contact for all your WAV aftercare needs.

As your Motability Managing Dealer, we can ensure you a more personalised level of aftercare.  Getting to know every one of our customers on a one-to-one level and addressing your needs and concerns efficiently from handover to hand back.

We are happy to be the first port of call for everything you need including:

  • Faults and issues with your conversion
  • Queries or concerns with the functionality of your wheelchair accessible vehicle
  • Help and guidance with regards to details of your lease.
  • To organise scheduled vehicle and conversion checks
  • Servicing and MOT assistance
  • Doorstep demonstrations for your next WAV

The team at TBC Conversions will always be at the other end of the telephone, ready and waiting to take your call.

TBC Conversions Aftercare Motability customers
Motability Aftercare
Motability Aftercare
Motability Aftercare

What is the Motability Converter Partnership?

Under the Motability Converter Partnership, people with disabilities are able to lease an expertly converted wheelchair accessible vehicle in exchange for their monthly mobility allowance. At TBC Conversions we are proud to be recognised converters under this partnership that works to make a difference in the lives of people who use wheelchairs in their everyday life.

Thanks to this wonderful working partnership with Motability, we work to develop long-lasting relationships with our wheelchair users, their carers and families alike. Our aftercare team are in regular contact with clients throughout the length of their lease, keeping their wheelchair accessible vehicles safely maintained and in good working order.

At the end of the 5-year lease, our dedicated sales team members are then able to further extend this longstanding relationship by arranging free doorstep demonstrations, assisting people in the selection of their next WAV.

In short, the partnership helps TBC Conversions and Motability work together to improve the lives of those in the scheme. We provide our mutual clients one point of contact which allows our team to really build a close client relationship, and support customers with TBC Conversion’s own uniquely tailored approach to customer care.

So, the next time you have a concern, query or just some friendly expert advice:

Call: TBC Conversions on 0151 334 6487 or 0800 999 5090
Social media channels: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter

We are happy to help any way we can and all our news feeds are regularly updated with advice, guidance and news from the company and the scheme

TBC Conversions

Our attention to detail, good service, outstanding value and respect for all are just some of the qualities that instill trust within our customers who return to the TBC Group year after year and generation after generation.


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