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We’ve been working hard since the start of 2021 to bring our customers a new and improved user-friendly website, and finally we’re so happy to be able to showcase our finished results. Take a look around our exciting new web page filled with advice and ideas for vehicle conversions, wheelchair accessible adaptions and our customer and client experiences.

TBC Mobility Conversions Sector

During the last two years, the world has become more accessible to those living with disability and, as we begin to return to “normal” there is a real focus on how we can continue making our cities, events, hospitality and leisure venues more accessible.

At TBC Conversions we welcome this change and join hands with a whole host of communities and companies who are leading the accessible revolution.

Motability mobility conversions page

We’ve been designing, producing and developing wheelchair accessible vehicles since our inception and over the years we’ve paired our own pioneering technologies with the expert engineering of leading vehicles manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Ford, Citroen, Vauxhall and many more.

At TBC Mobility Conversions our range of wheelchair cars offer those living with disability a greater level of freedom on the road. From the small yet stylish VW Caddy Maxi Life and Ford Grand Tourneo Connect to the larger VW T6.1 Range and Mercedes Sprinters, our wheelchair car conversions cover a wide range of mobility needs and can be viewed and researched easily on our new web page.

TBC Taxi & Bus Conversions Sector

Where it all began for TBC, we’ve been converting accessible minibuses and taxis for companies, organisations and local authorities to help keep vulnerable people mobile in some of the most rural areas in the UK.

Taxi & Bus conversions page

During the pandemic our team have missed getting out on the road to see our long-standing clients, we do however hope that our new website and relaxing of travel restrictions will allow us to continue providing our usual standards of reliable services.

Our minibus conversions have come on in leaps and bounds and we will be focusing on the future of group travel and accessible transport in the months to come. Now more than ever, local charities, communities and organisations will be focusing on keeping people safe and comfortable during travel and we hope to play an important part in helping them move forward back into accessible group travel in the near future.

TBC Specialist Conversions Sector

Finally, our specialist conversions sector will highlight all the bespoke vehicle conversions and adaptions we carry out on everything from vital medical transportation to work vehicles and crew vans. Our engineers work with the very best suppliers to provide tailored storage solutions, safety systems and unique vehicle adaptions to give our clients the tools to run their businesses and personal venture more effectively.

Specialist vehicle conversions page

On our new website, you can view some of the past conversions we have completed for the likes of Donagh Kelly Rally Team, GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association), Mountain Rescue, IMT Medical Transport and many, many more.

Our highly skilled technicians can supply and fit a range of vehicle adaptions including safety lights, ply lining storage, specialist refrigerated interiors, kitchens, mobile workshops and basically anything you can think of that will benefit your business or leisure activities. We are here to help you make the most out of your vehicle and we’re always up for a challenge.

Now that you have had the guided tour, why not get in touch with your vehicle conversions needs, whether that’s a Motability lease vehicle, an accessible minibus or taxi, a leisure vehicle or something entirely of the spectrum. Let TBC Vehicle Conversions take care of adapting or sourcing a vehicle that helps you live the life you want to lead.

Call 0800 999 5090 or email for more assistance or fill in one of our fabulous new contact forms and we will come back to you in due course.


After a long year of absence from the Mobility events circuit, TBC Conversions can finally look forward to appearing at live exhibitions and seeing our clients, customers, and colleagues face-to-face. By the end of the year, TBC Conversions’ team and products will have been showcased live in at least two major mobility events, something we have all been looking forward to in 2021.

So, here is a selection of up-and-coming mobility events where you can find TBC Conversions, our products, services and expert staff for the rest of 2021.

Mobility Event: Kidz to Adults – Disabled Living Collective

Date: 28th June 2021 Type: Virtual

Kidz to Adultz Mobility Events UK 2021

Kidz to Adultz Exhibitions are one of the UK’s most prestigious event and publication organisations in the disabled community.

Their work has consistently brought companies together whose products and services benefit the lives of children, young adults, their carers and families with disabilities and additional needs. Under normal circumstances, their live mobility events would be hosted up and down the UK, and over the last year, two successful Venue to Virtual events have already been rolled out.

TBC Conversions have always enjoyed being a part of this growing Disabled Living Collective and have been exhibiting with Kidz to Adultz since our inception. We can look forward to exhibiting our wheelchair accessible vehicles and independent driving aids at the next Venue to Virtual event – Disabled Living Collective and an audience including end-users, carers, families, and HCPs in attendance this June.

The Venue to Virtual Exhibition follows on from the success of previous online mobility events the organisation has hosted during the pandemic. The event will be hosted live and online on the 28th of June and will give people the chance to view the latest equipment and services that are available today and provide guidance on how to get in touch with the companies providing it.

Register your free attendance at the virtual mobility event, and check us out at Kidz to Adultz Disabled Living Collective.

Mobility Event: The Big Event – Motability

Date: 6th & 7th August 2021 Type: Virtual


This is going to be one big day for Motability customers and partners of the scheme as The Big Event goes virtual in 2021.

Considering the pandemic, organisers made the decision to change the usual large scale live mobility event to a virtual showcase for 2021, inviting exhibitors to build virtual stands that will be available to visit for attendees from the comfort of their homes.

TBC Conversions work closely with the Motability Scheme and in the past have enjoyed exhibiting at their One Big Day and The Big Events hosted all around the UK. Our complete range of wheelchair accessible vehicles are available on the Motability Scheme are available to see this year on The Big Event Virtual Showcase, complete with demonstration videos and live chat options to speak with a TBC Sales team member.

The work that has gone into making The Big Event Virtual means it simple and easy for those who would usually attend live exhibitions to join in. What’s more, this virtual mobility event access gives those who are still not comfortable leaving their homes or entering large crowds the opportunity to see all that is available in the mobility world in complete safety.

It’s easy and free to register and attend The Big Event 2021 and the team at TBC Conversions cannot wait to see you there.


Mobility Event: Naidex Show

Date: 15th & 16th September 2021 Type: Live

NAIDEX 2021 uk Mobility events

An organisation that work to promote products and services that support independent living, Naidex is an exhibition that TBC Conversions feel is important to be a part of.

After a series of successful virtual showcases, September is promising to be an exciting month for Nadiex and their exhibitors as live events return, and Naidex will be one of the first major hosts to return to face-to-face exhibits.

In September 2021, TBC Conversions will gladly look forward to attending our first live mobility event in over a year. As such a vital part of our customer ethos, in-person interaction is something we have dearly missed during the pandemic. Our free doorstep demonstrations and necessary home vehicle safety checks have continued with safe social distancing and COVID safe procedures in place, but this will be our first chance to get back to what we love doing; seeing our customers.

Plenty of our peers will be feeling as excited as we are about returning to live exhibitions schedules, and we’d like to encourage those who are able to safely do so to attend the Naidex Show as their live mobility event returns in 2021.

Mobility Event: OT Show

Date: 24th & 25th November 2021 Type: Live

OT Show Mobility events UK 2021

Only the second live mobility event taking place in 2021, but one we are extremely happy to be exhibiting at again, The OT Show is a wonderful chance for TBC Conversions to showcase our product to professionals who are likely to use them.

This event prides itself on being the largest educational and inspiring mobility event for a range of occupational therapists working within specialist areas across the UK. The OT Show gives professionals the chance to explore and learn about the tools available to them within their respective sectors and, in the case of TBC Conversions, our WAVs are always a great attraction.

Taking place in the Birmingham NEC in late November, The OT Show is one we always look forward to attending, and for this year those that cannot attend will get the chance to join in online. Organisers have followed the success of their online virtual showcase and combined it with the live event creating a hybrid mobility event that people around the country can attend.

A Hybrid Future for Mobility Events

As we look forward to things returning to some state of normality on the mobility events circuit, we can also look forward to some positive changes happening. As we know in 2020 virtual events became a necessity and now, following positive responses from attendees and exhibitors alike, organisations have continued to develop their online presences keeping virtual events part of the programme.

In 2021, and for the foreseeable future, virtual mobility events will continue to be a part of major events making them accessible for people in their homes and workplaces. Whilst originally intended to enable social distancing, these virtual events will now give people from anywhere in the country the opportunity to access the products, services, and educational material on display without attending a physical event.

At TBC Conversions our team know that attending these major mobility events, give the disabled community and those who work in the sector the chance to come together, share what they know. We look forward to seeing the latest technologies, inspirational speeches and our peers and clients in person.

Whilst we cannot wait to get back out there, we are also excited to embrace the ongoing presence of online mobility events and exhibitions where we can get our products and services out to an audience beyond the physical events.

Stay tuned to find out where we’ll be, both physically and virtually in the future on our News and Events pages an


At TBC Conversions we’re well known for our face-to-face approach to customer care. From the initial consultation to the handover of the finished vehicle conversion, we take care to adapt our procedures to suit each client’s needs as an individual. 

Throughout this entire process, there are a few unsung heroes working in the background, carrying out the specialist engineering that makes our vehicles what they are. These are people like Les Henderson who we’ll be learning a little more about today.

So, Les how did you get involved in vehicle conversion and working with TBC?

Over the years I’ve worked within the vehicle conversion industry, and I had built up a great working relationship with TBC’s UK Sales Manager, Ray Walsh. As we got along so well already and, as he was aware of my skills and experience in specialist vehicle conversion, Ray presented me with an opportunity to join his team at TBC and I took it. 

What do you think is most important for clients of TBC Conversions to be aware of?

Every customer, or potential customer of TBC Conversions, should feel confident knowing that we apply quality workmanship into every vehicle conversion we complete. This is a workmanship that I can personally guarantee and feel fully responsible for and proud of.

Is there anything you are most proud of since starting at TBC Conversions?

I am incredibly proud to be a part of a company that makes such a difference to so many people. Something else that makes me proud in my work is to see how much the company has changed since I started working here. 

vehicle conversions wheelchair accessible vehicle lift

Being part of the early team and watching the company grow just showcases the effect our vehicle conversions are having in the industry. 

How do you see the company progressing over the course of 2021?

I am very much looking forward to seeing the workforce expand. With new team members joining us I can only see the business growing and progressing.

What do you think has changed since COVID restrictions came into play and how are you helping the company adapt to these changes?

For us, the team members in the vehicle conversion workshop, most things have changed. Not in the least having total awareness of your colleagues which, before COVID, we didn’t even consider. 

As a company, I think the sales and aftersales teams have adapted well, still functioning within the ever-changing guidelines to provide the full TBC customer experience. 

What is it that makes you get up in the morning?

My wife of course! Seriously though, it’s the challenges. 

Meeting, facing and overcoming obstacles in the work I do. There’s no two days the same, each vehicle conversion I am tasked with has it’s own unique challenges and it keeps me interested by engaging my brain.

Can you tell us your favourite thing about the work you
Wheelchair accessible vehicles Mercedes Sprinter

Working with and bespoke vehicle conversions, the satisfaction comes from knowing that I’ve done a good job. The fact that every vehicle I work on will be going on to enrich or change a person quality of life makes my efforts all the more important.

And this is all the more reason to get the job right every time. 

How do you think TBC Conversions stands out among other vehicle conversion companies?

It’s not just the high standard of personalised care that TBC demonstrates to their customers ever-changing and unique needs but also their staff. I have felt like a valued member of the team since I started.

Finally, what would your dream car be and why?

I’m not really into ‘special’ cars, it’s just not my thing. I’m quite happy with my car of the moment as it gets me from A to B.


It’s thanks to Les and the other talented individuals in our workshop in Bromborough and in our NI branches, that TBC Conversions really do stand apart from other vehicle conversion companies.

From bespoke wheelchair adaptions, camper van transformations, business transportation and other unique vehicle conversion requests you may not even think of, TBC Conversions apply their very best to everything they do. And thanks to a happy staff member like Les, we think it shows. 

Check out our news page for past conversions and customer experiences, or see what we can do to help you with your vehicle conversion queries by calling 0800 999 5090 today.


Learn how TBC Salesperson, Gerry Galvin, and Sandvik Engineering technician, Philip Oliver, worked together to transform van into office. A journey that ended with us developing one of our most cleverly conceived specialist vehicle conversions yet.

In summer of 2018, an existing client of the Donnelly Group, Sandvik Engineering, was recommended to Gerry at TBC Specialist Conversions in relation to a unique specialist conversion they had in mind.

The task at hand; to enable mobile diagnostics and servicing of the Sandvik’s cutting edge industrial equipment.

Who are Sandvik and what do they do?  

Sandvik is an established global engineering group that specialises in mining and rock excavation as well as developing state of the art metal-cutting and materials technology.

Their work takes them all over the world, providing advanced stainless steels and special alloys for industrial heating, tools and systems for industrial metal cutting, as well as providing the expert service and maintenance of these products. 

This is where TBC Specialist Conversions steps in.

A unique van conversion consultation

Whenever our team meet a client, they like to establish their core needs. Not just how to get them from A to B but also whatever might have prevented them from doing so efficiently in the past. Once we know about any barriers our client has faced, we can go about smashing them down in style.

Phillip, a service technician of Sandvik’s, found that attending jobs all over the UK was becoming a task, from issues transporting specialised equipment and tools to the basics such as having somewhere to access the office and even just make lunch.

So, when TBC began discussions about combining Phillip’s and Sandvik’s professional requirements as well as some of the technicians own personal preferences, ideas started to flow.

After establishing these core needs, TBC Specialist Conversions were able to work closely with Phillip to design and develop the perfect pairing of equipment transport, mobile office, secure storage and canteen, giving Sandvik and their technician everything they both wished for and more. 

Everything including the kitchen sink 

Thinking outside the box, and about the long hours Sandvik’s technicians could spend on jobs, a kitchenette seemed only fitting to complete this one of a kind specialist conversion.

Now instead of bringing in soggy sandwiches and hauling huge thermoses of coffee and tea around, the technicians can prepare meals from the comfort of their newly converted mobile office, kitchen and workspace. 


From van to office

Starting with the standard long-wheelbase Volkswagen Crafter.2 our team got to work.  

The basic design needs were laid out and configuration could finally begin. First, an easy access workspace was positioned at the rear of the vehicle with compact storage solutions, a workbench and even a place to wash your hands.

The central section of the vehicle was then split into two distinct areas. One reserved for a fully functioning desk and office space, the other a modern kitchenette complete with a sink, worktops, cupboards and a fridge.

Contemporary finishes, lighting, plenty of plug sockets and an energy-efficient voltmeter transformed a basic Volkswagen van into a fully functioning mobile workspace, with all the mod-cons of a sophisticated modern office.

The finished result

Between the client and the team at TBC Specialist Conversions, a lot of time and effort went into designing and configuring the perfect vehicle conversion, not only meeting but exceeding our customer’s needs. 

The specially designed mobile office provides equipment and storage space in the rear of the vehicle as well as a mobile office and kitchen facility to allow the technicians to work remotely for long periods of time.

From van to office, the conversion was complete and the customer couldn’t be happier. Job done.

TBC Conversions

Our attention to detail, good service, outstanding value and respect for all are just some of the qualities that instill trust within our customers who return to the TBC Group year after year and generation after generation.


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