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At the end of last month our TBC Conversions minibus specialist, Joanne Campbell was invited to join a Webinar organised by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Presenting to the Local Business Development Managers (LBDM’s), Joanne introduced the wonderful work TBC Conversions can do with the versatile Volkswagen Crafter, focusing on our range of Volkswagen minibus conversions.

Thanks to her efforts, the feedback from the Webinar was amazing, with both Volkswagen dealership representatives and organisers offering praise for Joanne’s extensive minibus conversion knowledge and her passion for the work TBC Conversions do.

If you, unfortunately, missed this presentation, not to worry, as we can give you a full rundown of the topics that were discussed and hopefully answer any questions you have about TBC Conversions’ range of Volkswagen minibuses.


Since 1977 the Motability Scheme has helped disabled people, their families and carers reclaim their freedom and independence by delivering mobility to millions of people all over the UK. As more and more manufacturers joined the scheme over the years disabled people were given a variety of well-established vehicle makes and models to choose from, among them, it is Volkswagen Motability cars that stand out as the most reliable and easily adaptable options.


Learn how TBC Salesperson, Gerry Galvin, and Sandvik Engineering technician, Philip Oliver, worked together to transform van into office. A journey that ended with us developing one of our most cleverly conceived specialist vehicle conversions yet.

In the summer of 2018, an existing client of the Donnelly Group, Sandvik Engineering, was recommended to Gerry at TBC Specialist Conversions in relation to a unique specialist conversion they had in mind.

The task at hand; to enable mobile diagnostics and servicing of Sandvik’s cutting edge industrial equipment.


At TBC Conversions we work hard to deliver quality vehicle conversions, from medium and large WAVs to standard and specially adapted minibus. It’s always a pleasure to hand over a finished product to a client, knowing that our converted or adapted vehicle will go towards providing a family, business or organisation access to the road and freedom to travel.

Who are Down Community Transport and what do they do?

Based just outside of Belfast Northern Ireland, Down Community Transport provide easier access to goods and services to the residents of the Down District, The organisation provide three essential services including:

  • Dial-A-Lift door-to-door transport service for individuals living in rural areas
  • Volunteer Social Car Scheme 
  • Group Hire/Self Drive 

The organisation work to ensure people of all abilities, in both rural and suburban areas can enjoy social inclusion and be a part of their community.

TBC Conversions Volkswagen CR50 17 Seat Wheelchair Accessible Minibus

Working closely with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles we are proud to supply quality converted vehicles and are Recognised Converters under the Volkswagen Recognised Converter scheme. Our wheelchair accessible minibuses can be supplied as front or side entry and include:

  • Adjustable seating 
  • Ability to accommodate multiple wheelchairs 
  • Inboard passenger lifts 
  • Cantilevered side steps 
  • Safety handrails 
  • Integrated security and safety lighting 
  • Specially adapted roof hatches
  • Rearview cameras 
  • Front and rear parking aids 
  • Saloon heating 

Our Sales Manager, Gerry Galvin was over the moon to hand over the 17 seat wheelchair accessible minibus to Deborah Bowden at Down Community Transport. Knowing full well the difference this specially adapted, expertly converted minibus would make to the lives of members of the Down Community Transport really makes our day.

To find out more about our range of minibus conversions, whether accessible or standard, please call the team today on 0800 999 5090, and book your free consultation.

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