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TBC Specialist Conversions: Sandvik Mobile Office & Workshop Combined

January 28, 2021 TBC Conversions Company NewsTBC Specialist

Learn how TBC Salesperson, Gerry Galvin, and Sandvik Engineering technician, Philip Oliver, worked together to transform van into office. A journey that ended with us developing one of our most cleverly conceived specialist vehicle conversions yet.

In the summer of 2018, an existing client of the Donnelly Group, Sandvik Engineering, was recommended to Gerry at TBC Specialist Conversions in relation to a unique specialist conversion they had in mind.

The task at hand; to enable mobile diagnostics and servicing of Sandvik’s cutting edge industrial equipment.

Who are Sandvik and what do they do?  

Sandvik is an established global engineering group that specialises in mining and rock excavation as well as developing state of the art metal-cutting and materials technology.

Their work takes them all over the world, providing advanced stainless steels and special alloys for industrial heating, tools and systems for industrial metal cutting, as well as providing the expert service and maintenance of these products. 

This is where TBC Specialist Conversions steps in.

A unique van conversion consultation

Whenever our team meet a client, they like to establish their core needs. Not just how to get them from A to B but also whatever might have prevented them from doing so efficiently in the past. Once we know about any barriers our client has faced, we can go about smashing them down in style.

Phillip, a service technician of Sandvik’s, found that attending jobs all over the UK was becoming a task, from issues transporting specialised equipment and tools to the basics such as having somewhere to access the office and even just make lunch.

So, when TBC began discussions about combining Phillip’s and Sandvik’s professional requirements as well as some of the technicians own personal preferences, ideas started to flow.

After establishing these core needs, TBC Specialist Conversions were able to work closely with Phillip to design and develop the perfect pairing of equipment transport, mobile office, secure storage and canteen, giving Sandvik and their technician everything they both wished for and more. 

Everything including the kitchen sink 

Thinking outside the box, and about the long hours Sandvik’s technicians could spend on jobs, a kitchenette seemed only fitting to complete this one of a kind specialist conversion.

Now instead of bringing in soggy sandwiches and hauling huge thermoses of coffee and tea around, the technicians can prepare meals from the comfort of their newly converted mobile office, kitchen and workspace. 


From van to office

Starting with the standard long-wheelbase Volkswagen Crafter.2 our team got to work.  

The basic design needs were laid out and configuration could finally begin. First, an easy access workspace was positioned at the rear of the vehicle with compact storage solutions, a workbench and even a place to wash your hands.

The central section of the vehicle was then split into two distinct areas. One reserved for a fully functioning desk and office space, the other a modern kitchenette complete with a sink, worktops, cupboards and a fridge.

Contemporary finishes, lighting, plenty of plug sockets and an energy-efficient voltmeter transformed a basic Volkswagen van into a fully functioning mobile workspace, with all the mod-cons of a sophisticated modern office.

The finished result

Between the client and the team at TBC Specialist Conversions, a lot of time and effort went into designing and configuring the perfect vehicle conversion, not only meeting but exceeding our customer’s needs. 

The specially designed mobile office provides equipment and storage space in the rear of the vehicle as well as a mobile office and kitchen facility to allow the technicians to work remotely for long periods of time.

From van to office, the conversion was complete and the customer couldn’t be happier. Job done.

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