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The Big Event: Motability’s First Virtual Exhibition

July 27, 2021 TBC Conversions Company NewsTBC Mobility

After a long year of isolation, social distancing and the cancellation of regularly scheduled events, the folks at Motability decided to take their Big Event online. Not only is this enabling the scheme and associated companies to showcase products and services to those who benefit from them, but helping those who could not or cannot attend live shows attend from the comfort of their own home.

Here’s a breakdown of how the show will take place over two days on the 6th and 7th of August.

Motability Scheme The Big Event register

Register to attend The Big Event online

Getting involved couldn’t be easier for users, simply click the link to register and away you go. The scheme has kept the approachable family-friendly theme of their previous events, transferring it to an online platform that has a bright and colourful appearance.

Motability Scheme The Big Event speakers

Once registered users will be taken to a virtual map of the event laid out in sections including the Auditorium where live speaker sessions will take place, the Motability hub with direct contact and info relating to the Motability Scheme and Exhibitions – broken up into four spaces:

WAV’s and Adaptions – where you’ll find TBC Mobility Conversions range alongside other WAV suppliers

Cars – where major manufacturers will showcase their Motability Scheme vehicles

Powered Wheelchairs and Scooters – for those looking for the latest mobility aids

Partners – where users will find products and services to help get them back on the road

Taking a tour around the entire exhibition has been made easy to navigate and accessible to all who wish to attend with accessibility measures in place for those who require them.

What to do when you get there

As you won’t be packing a bag to attend this year’s Big Event, Motability has provided a shopping bag for you. Whilst you are doing the rounds of the stands speaker sessions and exhibitions users will have the option to add everything from PDF’s and brochures to a virtual bag. This way you won’t have to spend valuable time downloading all the interesting pieces of information you find and instead, everything you add to your basket will be emailed to you in one clickable link at the end of the event.

So, fill up those bags with our own brochures on the full range of wheelchair accessible vehicles and read when you are ready. Good for the environment and your computer memory.

Motability Scheme The Big Event fun online

As with every other Motability event, there’s an element of fun added in, “The Scavenger Hunt”, and just because this is an online event doesn’t mean you cannot take part. This year Billy the Motability Bear has lost his lunch and he needs your help to find it all. Whilst touring the exhibition, keep your eyes peeled for food and drink items including doughnuts, sandwiches, and honey (every bear’s favourite). Click on the item once you spot it and, when all 6 are clicked, you’ll automatically be entered into the grand prize draw to win an Apple iPad mini, the winner of which will be announced during the last speaker session of the event.

We’re here to talk

As with a live event, users will have access to teams of Motability Experts as well as those working to supply the best mobility aids available today. From essential products and services to our own expertly converted Motability range, users will be able to have direct contact with people who are ready and waiting to answer questions and discuss the products on display.

Motability Scheme The Big Event main page

At TBC Mobility Conversions we’ll have two reps manning our booth who are very much looking forward to helping attendees find their next WAV, or even just have a general chat about the types of vehicles we work with and convert.

All you need to do is make your way into the ‘Exhibition‘ section of The Big Event from the main screen, find the TBC Mobility Conversions logo, click and you’ll find our booth.

Motability Scheme The Big Event exhibitors

Along the centre menu are options that will take you to our social media channels where we keep you up to date with all our vehicles, company developments and industry news, our new web page with tonnes of information about TBC Conversions and all our adaptions and the chat button.

Motability Scheme The Big Event our stand

Once you’ve had a good look around at all our demo videos, brochures and social media feed, chat with us to ask any questions about what you have seen. Our reps will be happy to have open chats on the public forum or to have more private direct messages with you to discuss your individual travel and conversion needs.

Let’s keep making major events accessible to all

For the team at TBC Conversions, we are beginning to look forward to getting back out and about meeting potential clients and WAV users safely face-to-face, but until then we have embraced and enjoyed working online to educate people about the work we do. What’s more, we are in awe of the way the events industry and organisers like Motability have adapted to life online enabling so many more people to be a part of large exhibitions like The Big Event.

We hope that, even after we return to live exhibitions later this year, events organisers will continue to offer and provide the online accessibility that has been enjoyed by so many during the course of the recent pandemic. Bringing not only our own range of wheelchair accessible vehicles to users all over the country but allowing the vast array of other mobility aid suppliers to do the same.

Don’t forget to register to attend The Big Event on the 6th and 7th of August and we’ll look forward to chatting live with you soon.

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