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The Latest Volkswagen Caddy 5 WAV from TBC Conversions

September 30, 2021 TBC Conversions Company NewsTBC Mobility

For 15 years, TBC Conversions have been working hard to make Motability wheelchair accessible vehicles that are safe, stylish, and simple to use. We convert and adapt a wide range of medium to large vehicles, from passenger cars like the Volkswagen Caddy WAV to larger drive from and internal transfer options like the Volkswagen T6.1 Range and Mercedes Sprinter.

We’re pleased to offer some insight into the newest WAV in our range; The Volkswagen Caddy 5.

What’s different?

There have been some subtle and not so subtle changes made to the Volkswagen Caddy 5, making it less like a work-man van and more like an MPV.

Let’s start with the exterior

It’s wider (63MM), thanks to the Golf style engineering base, plus the facelift front end has been refreshed to include chrome detailing in the lights and across the badge and bumper. Finishing off aesthetic changes to the front end is a honeycomb lower bumper trim that has the driver assistance sensor mounted in the centre.


The overall shape of the Volkswagen Caddy 5 has been reprofiled to improve aerodynamics and, combined with a new engine improves efficiency by 12%. Now onto the rear of the Volkswagen Caddy 5, where there have been some more obvious and striking changes including the continued chrome detailing in the larger, more integrated rear light fixtures and subtle panel contouring under the rear screen.

In general, the new Volkswagen Caddy 5 exudes an altogether different look on the road, one that is much more in keeping with the Volkswagen passenger vehicle style.

Moving inside

Making the leap from work van to the family vehicle, the Volkswagen Caddy 5 has made some serious technical upgrades to the new look digital cockpit including Radio “Composition Audio” with 16.51-cm (6.5-inch) colour touch screen and central digital display.


Passenger seating now offers tray tables that are lockable meaning they can bear the weight of a laptop, and convenient USB ports can be found in the centre console easily accessed by passengers.

In the Volkswagen Caddy 5, TBC Conversions will be offering a choice of 4 or 5 seat options, plus wheelchair passengers.


This seating flexibility means the Volkswagen Caddy 5 still has capacity for up to 6 passengers including the wheelchair user, but if required the 4-seater option gives the wheelchair passengers a more integrated travel experience. Plus there’s the bonus of easier access to the wheelchair passenger during travel.

Our conversions

VW Caddy 5 WAV TBC Conversions

  • Original VW fuel tank

  • Ultra-lightweight low angle ramp

  • Impressive ergonomic exterior

  • Vehicle tested for weights of wheelchairs 85kg / 150kg / 200kg

  • Flexible passenger seating  

  • Concealed restraints

  • Original VW exhaust

  • Tested to E.C.W.V.T.A

  • 6 Seater Capacity (Driver + Wheelchair User + 4 Passengers)

  • 5 Seater Capacity (Driver + Wheelchair User + 3 Passengers)

Our wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions on the Volkswagen Caddy 5 have had some important but minor tweaks. The rear folding ramp is still low angle, ultra-lightweight and able to be lifted with one finger, however, it is now able to support weights of up to 350kg.

We’ve also relocated the retractable front wheelchair restraints. By concealing them into the floor, giving the interior passenger space a cleaner, much sleeker-looking finish.


Other than that, we’ve kept everything the same. Our patented continuous rear door seal technology is still in place, providing passenger protection from road noise and weather elements. Also, the high standard finish of the wheelchair passenger compartment and the quality of conversion has been retained.

The Volkswagen Caddy 5 WAV from TBC Conversions

Our Volkswagen Caddy 5 WAVs will no doubt be flying out the door, and you’ll be able to book a demonstration and order yours soon.

The new Volkswagen Caddy 5 demonstration vehicles from TBC Conversions will provide customers with the ability to see and test the two different seating configurations, both the 4 and 5 seater options.

Customers will have plenty to choose from including:

  • Caddy Maxi 114 PS 1.5 TSI 6sp Manual
  • Caddy Maxi 122 PS 2.0 TDI 7sp Auto
  • Caddy Maxi 102 PS 2.0 TDI 6sp Manual
  • Caddy Maxi Life 102 PS 2.0 TDI 6sp Manual
  • Caddy Maxi Life 122 PS 2.0 TDI 7sp Auto

It won’t be long until we’ll be offering our free UK wide home demonstrations at no cost and no obligation so you can find out exactly how the Volkswagen Caddy 5 WAV will work for you.

Call us at 0800 999 50 90 or email for more information about the Volkswagen Caddy 5 WAV from TBC Conversions.

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