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Why choose our Volkswagen Shuttle?

• Tested to European community whole vehicle type approval
• Original fuel tank
• Original exhaust
• Firetrace system*
• Integrated traffic light signalling system*
• Can facilitate independent driving options
• Re-engineered rear door to allow for extra head room
• Tested to carry 3 different wheelchair weights 85kg, 150kg & 200kg

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Seamless Functionality & Innovation

Traffic Light Signalling System

  • Innovative integrated floor signalling system exclusive to TBC.
  • Red and Green lights used to communicate when the lift is in the correct position.
  • Designed to ensure the wheelchair user exits the vehicle safely.

Maximum Rear Entry Head Height

  • Exclusively designed by TBC.
  • Provides industry-leading accessibility.
  • Provides an extra 75mm head clearance.

Flexible Accessibility

  • Seating options include WAV, Drive From Wheelchair, Internal Transfer and Up Front Passenger.
  • Rear and side lift access options available with capacity up to 200KG.
  • Providing each passenger with journey variety.

Flexible seating plans to suit your needs

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