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Repair & Maintenance

Base Vehicle Website and RMI information For Base Vehicle How to request information from TBC on Repair and Maintenance on the conversion Type Approval Numbers of Base Vehicles Name and Address of all manufacturers responsible for previous stage of approval Location of Engine Number
Ford Connect

Contact TBC Conversions dedicated team on

0800 999 5090


Ford-Werke GmbH

Henry-Ford-Strasse 1

50735 Koeln


Refer to Stage 1 Certificate of Conformity
Volkswagen Caddy e13*2018/858*00002

Volkswagen AG

Berliner Ring 2

D-38440 Wolfsburg


Volkswagen T6 e1*2001/116*0220
Mercedes Sprinter e1*2007/46*0301

Mercedes-Benz AG

DE-70372 Stuttgart