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Why choose our Volkswagen Caddy?

• European community whole vehicle type approval
• Continuous rear door seal
• Concealed front restraints
• Original fuel tank
• Original exhaust
• Lightweight low angle ramp
• Tested to carry 3 different wheelchair weights 85kg, 150kg & 200kg

Maintaining the Volkswagen Quality

Why the Original Fuel Tank?

  • Accurate fuel reading enabling drivers to monitor fuel consumption
  • Additional peace of mind with Volkswagen warranty as the original tank is retained

Why Peace of Mind?

  • TBC Conversions vehicles are tested to meet European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval. (ECWVTA)

Why the Original Exhaust?

  • Continued assurance with Volkswagen warranty as original part is retained

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Seamless Functionality & Innovation

Continuous rear door seal

  • Innovative solution exclusive to TBC.
  • Ensures the rear door is shut tightly to the vehicle.
  • Provides passengers with a quiet, warm experience.

Lightweight low angle ramp

  • Composite ramp designed for ease of use and
    smooth loading.
  • Engineered with strength to carry up to 350KG.
  • Dual secured in transit for rattle free journey.

Concealed restraints

  • Retractable front restraints angled for ease of use.
  • Fully tested to secure 85KG, 150KG and 200KG wheelchair weights.
  • Designed to maximise space and passenger inclusion.

Flexible seating plans to suit your needs

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