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TBC Conversions Awarded Contract With NI Water

TBC Conversions // July 2023


TBC Conversions have been awarded the C1162 Provision of Vehicle Fitting-Out Services Contract with NI Water, which will deliver van fit out services for NI Water’s fleet for the next 3-6 years. The contract has a potential value of up to £900K per year and will also deliver Social Value with the appointment of two apprentices who will gain paid employment and develop their skills through working with TBC’s experienced Technicians.

Eilis (Head of Commercial) for NI Water commented, “NI Water are delighted to be partnering with TBC in delivering this valuable service to NI Water’s front line staff and we are really pleased to see TBC’s enthusiasm for embracing Social Value in their contracts. It is encouraging to see what these collaborative partnerships can deliver for people and for communities here.” On delivering Social Value in Public Procurement, Strategic Investment Board’s, Esther Barnes said, “TBC have illustrated a solid commitment to Social Value which will make real positive change to the apprentices lives as well as to their own organisations and organisations like NI Water that they provide their service to.

Donavon McKillen (Commercial Director) from TBC commented, “TBC are really excited to have this opportunity to deliver a world class Vehicle Fitting-Out Service to NI Water, which will help them deliver an excellent service for their customers. Employing apprentices is a win-win for all involved, we are improving the resilience of our team, whilst delivering positive change to the apprentices’ lives – TBC would encourage all companies working in Public Procurement to embrace Social Value”